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According to aviationiran, AC is looking at YUL-IKA flights


Tehran-IKA currently negotiates with airlines from South Korea, Singapore, Canada and Australia. Previously reported, Tehran-IKA announced Air Canada’s interest in operating flights from Montreal to Tehran.

Tehran-IKA Confirms 2 New Airlines; Negotiations with 4 Others - Aviation Iran


This was also rumoured by a Iranian minister last October

During the ceremony, the Deputy Director revealed that they are in talks with other national carriers. The national carriers of India, Canada, and South Korea are reportedly interested in launching flights to Tehran. Air India is planning a route from Mumbai or New Delhi, while Korean Air is planning from Seoul and Air Canada from Montreal, according to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Developments.


Air India is together with 3 other airlines considering new routes from India to Tehran next year, according to Aviation Iran’s new Route News database.


Meanwhile, Air Canada’s move is more remarkable. Not only by the unexpected route, but also for a possible new beginning of diplomatic relations with Iran. In 2012, Canada severed all diplomatic ties with Tehran and closed its embassy. Since the new Premier Minister Justin Trudeau took office in 2015, his government has been pushing for the reestablishment of ties. Air Canada currently codeshares on Lufthansa’s flights to Iran, which is an example of cooperation in aviation between Iran and Canada.


Air Canada and 3 Other Airlines Plan 7 New Routes to Iran - Aviation Iran

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It will be from Toronto - and the chances of this happening are slim to none. This is what we call FAKE news :)
Confusing *comment. It will be Toronto...but it is fake news. The article only states that there are ongoing negotiations. Beyond that, it is obviously speculation as *to the outcome. Speculation is fair game; it is not fake news.
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If it happens, it is certainly from Toronto. I don't have a clue if it is fake news or not, but it would certainly be an amazing opportunity for AC. They would own the North America to Iran route. A 12 hour flight leaving late afternoon would be great for all morning/early PM flights from the USA.

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Weren't you guys talking in another thread about how AC could fly the planes they use to go to Shanghai on another route to not have them sit in Montreal for nothing (I think you were talking about Beyrouth)? If it's the case, wouldn't that make this plausible just as they'd be taking advantage of this situation?


If they're to have the only direct flight from North America, they might as well make it start form anywhere where people will connect easily...

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