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According to my calculations, as of today’s announcement by Air China, and excluding charter-type flights, next summer is already looking very positive.

1. Air China is doubling its number of weekly flights to Beijing from 3 to 6.

2. Aero-Mexico is adding 4 weekly flights to Mexico City for a total of 11 weekly.

3. AC is introducing a daily flight to Shanghai,

4. AC is introducing 4 weekly flights to Alger.

5. AC to Casablanca will now be daily (an addition of 3 weekly)

6. Tunisair is adding 1 flight a week to Tunis for a total of 3 weekly

7. WOW will be going daily to Reykjavik, an addition of 3 weekly flights.

8. Air Algerie is adding 2 weekly flights to Alger for a weekly total now of 10

9. Air Algerie is introducing 2 weekly flights to Oran.


I count a total of 244 weekly international flights now confirmed for this coming summer, which is 32 more than last summer. This includes 24 scheduled daily flights; up from 20 dailies last summer.

So far there is no news of cancelations or reductions.

Surely we can expect even further good news between now and summer!

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Excellentes nouvelles, merci de partager. Plus il y aura de vols, plus il y aura d'emplois créés par un effet multiplicateur. C'est indispensable pour la croissance de notre économie et le rayonnement de la métropole. Comme dans toute industrie, il faut favoriser au maximum son expansion et de surcroit gagner plus d'indépendance vis à vis des autres marchés, en générant nos propres services directs. Il y a encore beaucoup de travail à accomplir, dont de nouveaux continents à conquérir. Parce que dans ce genre d'entreprise, on ne sera jamais mieux servis que par soi-même.

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