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Who will be the first A350 operator at YUL


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Cathay is said to want to service YUL with those .... I think >


Right! However, as other people have mentioned on this forum, the yield isn't too great for the YUL-HKG market.

Cathay did oppose to having First Class seats on their A350-900 and -1000. Therefore, they might be hoping to use this plane on thinner routes.

I sincerely hope that we will get a direct flight to Hong Kong soon. Not only is it a great city, but its airport offers better connections to South East Asia than Beijing and Shanghai airports.

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British Airways, Lufthansa, and Qatar have all ordered the 350.


British only sends their 787, so the 350 would be a huge increase in seats for them, so I don't see that happening anytime soon.


Lufthansa's 350s will have no first class, but more economy and more business than the 330 they send currently. It is 60 more seats they will need to fill, but it may be a distant possibility.


Qatar seems most likely to send their 350 than the others. The 77Ws they send now are two class, high density economy, so the 350-1000 would be similar in size, albeit a small reduction. I could see them sending one as a one-ff route proving or training, or a tech sub here and there. Either way, it'll still be in a few years, the 350 isn't exactly rolling off the line in huge numbers right now.

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