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An airliners.net thread says this article in a Portuguese: TAP lanca nova rota para o Canada ja em 2017

..claims Montreal will be their next North American destination. I don't read Portuguese but let's hope for this one to be true. Here's the relevant quote from the article*


"Numa primeira fase é antecipado pelo setor que a transportadora aérea avance para Montreal, alargando a operação, numa etapa posterior, também a Toronto."


"In the first phase is anticipated by the industry that the airline go to Montreal, extending the operation at a later stage, also to Toronto."


"Dans la première phase est prévue par l'industrie que la compagnie aérienne aller à Montréal, étendant l'opération à un stade ultérieur, également à Toronto."

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Would be good if Avianca comes to YUL pretty well known in South America and they are allowing 3 luggages by passenger if you pay a little extra.



Hey btw have you heard anything about Avianca coming to YUL? That's another carrier that expressed interest in coming here that's yet to materialiaze.

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