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Report potholes, obstructions, litter and more in a couple of clicks.

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Frustrated by how difficult it is to contact Montreal's 311 service, a couple of friends and I have built this handy web app:


It works on desktop and on mobile.


This is not a for profit project, but simply our proposed solution to what we see as a very outdated system.


We take care of bundling up and forwarding reports to different instances of the city's boroughs using a partially automated system.


Please give it a try and let me know what you think :)

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    • By loulou123
      13/08/2007 Un nouveau lien routier entre Montréal et Laval pourrait être construit grâce au prolongement de l'autoroute 440.
      Le tracé passerait par Sainte-Dorothée, traverserait la rivière des Prairies et se rendrait à l'autoroute 40 via l'Île-Bizard, Pierrefonds et Kirkland.
      Ce sont les travaux de prolongement des autoroutes 25 et 30 qui ont ravivé cette vieille idée. Le projet avait déjà été présenté une première fois il y a 35 ans, mais il avait été mis sur la glace après le moratoire de 1977.
      Les maires de l'ouest de l'île préfèreraient un boulevard urbain, mais le maire de Laval Gilles Vaillancourt croit qu'une autoroute est la seule solution pour régler les problèmes de circulation.

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      Est-ce que le métro devrait être en service la nuit ou est-ce que ça serait une dépense inutile?
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      Pas de Camion à Déchets dans le QDS
      Source: Spacing Montreal

      There aren’t going to be any dump trucks blocking up the streets in Montreal’s new Quartier des Spectacles. Last Wednesday, the City approved a proposition to replace public trash cans with receptacles for garbage, recyclables and compostables, all hooked up to an vacuum-powered collection system. Waste placed in each receptacle would be sucked into a network of underground tubes and transported to a central processing location (possibly located in Place Desjardins).
      At first glance, this system may seem unduly costly and invasive, not to mention energy intensive. But since the streets in the QDS are already slotted to be ripped up in order to replace ageing sewers, aqueducts and power-lines, throwing in the waste-collection system will only cost an additional $8.2 million (according to a planner who worked on the proposal). Under the new system, garbage collection in the neighborhood would rely on electricity rather than fossil fuels, which may not be a bad idea given the cost and environmental impacts of burning fuel.
      Most importantly, the new garbage collection system would also apply to residents and businesses located in the Quartier des Spectacles. For instance, the restaurants in Place Desjardins would be able to be compost food scraps, saving several hundred tons of waste from landfills each year.
      Although Montreal is behind cities like Toronto who offer composting for household waste, this initiative would be the first in North America to offer composting on the public domain and for businesses.
      ENVAC, the European company that engineers these systems worldwide, built their first trash-vacuuming system in Stockholm in 1961 and it is still in operation (it has an expected lifespan of about 50 years, although that is probably standard for sewers and other infrastructure).
      Teaching the hoards of drunken festival-goers and clueless tourists to sort trash from recyclables and organic waste is a challenge for the future…
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      (Courtesy of Metro Montreal)
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      Thanks to GDS for the folowing :