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Cataclaw's Montreal Riot 21/04/08 experience:




What a crazy night... i just got home from downtown. Was anybody else there? My friend and I wanted to meet up at 3 brasseurs corner ste-catherine/crescent right after the hockey game, but when we got there people were starting to gather, and within 10 minutes they started jumping on a cop car... the riot police came in, everyone started running, pushing, shoving, stuff was being thrown back and forth, it was crazy.


Half an hour later, cars were on fire everywhere, people running around, total mayhem. Jesus christ.


I have photos and i'll upload them soon...


At one point one of the police cars that was on fire exploded and sent parts flying, a piece of metal nearly hit me. That's when i decided i had enough and tried to get out, but there was riot police everywhere and so many people that it took a while just to get out!


The metro was closed, i couldn't get a taxi because it was mayhem everywhere, so i ended up walking home across the Jacques-Cartier bridge. Crazy night...


What a paradoxically terribly disgusting night, yet equally exciting at the same time. I just hope this doesn't happen again... i don't want to see my city destroyed. :(


I just want to say one thing -- i was there for the entire riot and the people that vandalized and were rowdy and dangerous were 90% NOT Habs fans (at least, they didn't have jerseys on). The trouble was caused by people who just wanted an excuse to go nuts.

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I just remembered now, hours before the game yesterday. The police were on St Catherine filming both sides of the street in their van.


Guess they wanted to see what the city would look like before and after lol

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Si vous regardez les images captées par les médias lors de l'émeute, on voit clairement que tous ceux qui cassent les voitures de police et y mettent le feu n'ont absolument rien du canadien et ils n'ont même pas une des trois couleurs sur eux.



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On a besoin de l'armée pour défendre les rues.


J'espère qu'on n'avance pas après cette ronde-ci à cause des fans de marde.


Seulement à Montréal... :biting::duh:


J'espère que tu niaises mtlskyline...


Écoutes les nouvelles, les témoins, la conférence des policiers. Regardes les images des médias, des blogs... Les casseurs sont arrivés par après, les partisants des canadiens n'ont rien a voir avec l'émeute.

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