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Montreal is quickly becoming known as the city of choice for cloud providers and businesses looking to scale quickly and cost effectively in Canada.


Since the Canadian data center industry’s inception in the mid-90s, Toronto traditionally has been at the forefront of the market with the country’s largest peering exchange TorIX (Toronto Internet Exchange). As with London and other major cities round the world, the Internet Exchange with its supply of plentiful economical connectivity was the driver for the growth of the local data center industry.


With the cost of IP transit falling and the rise of ‘edge data centers’, Canadian businesses are now no longer restricted to storing data close to major Internet exchanges.


So, what makes Montreal attractive for tech startups and cloud providers?


The city has low power and real estate costs, making Canada’s second largest financial center more attractive to Canadian organizations.

The city’s cold climate is a big advantage. One of the largest costs of running a data center is providing cooling for hardware, and having a supply of freezing cold air for much of the year helps.

Montreal, with a population of a million and a half, has a plentiful supply of engineers, and is home to the largest concentration of research complexes in Canada, so is not short of skilled workers.

Then there is the abundant supply of green power. It is one of the most inexpensive means of generating electricity, and for organizations requiring power hungry SANs and scaled out storage, cheap power is more attractive than the cheap connectivity offered by a city with a peering exchange.

As the cloud market in Montreal continues to grow significantly, the options for Canadian businesses also increase. So, how to choose? Service providers should be able to support your business needs now and in the future, with a range of technological solutions that can be tailored to your business.


And with access to large 100k square foot investments, such as our Kirkland data center, Canadian organizations know they won’t be held back by their data storage.


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