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When something becomes a copy. ( or where to see montreal out of montreal )


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I think the tittle is very clear, so the first and maybe the most famous copy of Montreal...


1- Marathon Building (1250):


Year 1992


the copy: Frankfurt.


Year 1993

2- Vatican Church:



The copy: Montreal Queen mary of the world





3- 1 Place Ville Marie:



The Oscars goes to: Barcelona (The building at the end of the street)




4- Paris metro (Metropolitain)



The copy: Montreal squear Victoria




5- The biosphere:



Winner " Ex Equo"- Toronto and Vancouver.








6- Montreal Notre Dame cathedral:




The Copy: Saint Anne de la perade (QC)





Well, this is my list, I'm sure you know other Montreal "fakes" that you could show.



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the metropolitain metro entrance was a gift from Paris to Montreal.


the Montreal Queen mary of the world is a 2:1 replica of the original one.


The 1250 rene levesque was first showed in 1988 and was completed in 1992.

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OK... I know that Montreal Queen Mary of the world is a replica in minor size of the Vatican, I've been in both places and are completly different.

As I said the 1250 was finished in 1992, and the frankfurt one in 1993, so where is the mistake?

Finally: Maybe the metro entrance is a gift from Paris but...is it not a copy?¿


I think you didn't understand me...I didn't say that Montreal was unoriginal, I just wanted to show what Montreal has in common with other many cities around the world.

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Le 1250 et le building de Francfort sont tous deux construits par les mêmes architectes (KPF - Kohn Pederson Fox). Donc moi j'appelle pas ça une copie, mais plus une espèce de transition de style d'une firme international d'architectes.


On peut dire que le dernier gratte-ciel déssiné par KPF dans le même style est la Plaza 66, de Shanghai. C'est un peu comme l'aboutissement des deux autres tours. Mais j'avoue que la comparaison est grosse un peu...


Si vous voulez réellement une copie du 1250, il faut se déplacer du côté de Vancouver, avec la Terminal City Club Tower.



Mes propres photos :








D'autres photos :



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