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I'm seeing this on airliners.net under the latest list of OAG changes


**UA IAH-YUL JUL 1.0>0 AUG 1.0>0 SEP 1.0>0 OCT 1.0>0 NOV 0.9>0 DEC 1.0>0 JAN 1.0>0


Has United dropped our route to Houston? I noticed also they dropped a couple of routes from YEG as well. What's going on?

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US airlines are having a rough time with the low Canadian dollar, plus Texas being a major oil centre doesn't help. Air Canada is starting YUL-IAH in a few days, which leads me to believe thats why UA decided to cut YUL-IAH.


AA has also cancelled YYC-PHX and Delta is dropping YHZ-JFK

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Exactly, they swapped it before.


Actually, they even were both flying it for some time (A Jazz CRJ705 AND a UA express E175, then Jazz dropped out)


I also took it 20 some years ago with Continental (with a 737-400)

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There are some very bad trends occuring here.

1- American dropping YUL-DFW to single E75, the airline's massive global hub

2- American dropping the 3rd YUL-MIA and reducing YUL-ORD to 2 daily (from 5 daily)

3- United dropping Houston, and drastically reducing flights to Chicago/Newark.


If I had a dislike button I would push it



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I didn't hear about the other cuts and yeah..it is disappointing. Dallas & Houston though are oil markets, at least Houston is so like YYC Is struggling on some levels I guess it's normal. For the others though I'm curious what's up. Montreal needs a stronger presence with Latin America (so a Miami reduction?) and United is pulling back ORD.. Not too surprising since United is also struggling with performance issues.. Kinda falling out of grace with the US public. Sad to see its touching us though.

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And yet, Montreal transborder numbers are increasing compared to last year. Weird indeed. Even AC is reducing YUL-FLL and YYZ-FLL next winter season. YUL-LAS sees an increase though in December.






Rouge on YYZ-HNL is also being downgauged to 1x weekly, compared to 2x weekly last year. It also starts late December, compared to late November, as originally planned. Rouge is obviously struggling on the route. Wouldn't be surprised if it disappears completely for the 2017/2018 season.

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