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Aahhh, the simple pleasures of ground handling when it’s -24° outside. Unfortunately, when the ΔT between cruising altitude and the ground is negligible, things that freeze while flying stay frozen on the ground, including drain and fill ports on a lot of aircraft. Luckily for this particular lav guy, there is a big outflow valve (heated positive-pressure cabin air vent) right above the lav service panel, and the Air Canada line maintenance technicians are able to sick the hose of a diesel cold buster into the vent and warm the lavatory dump valve. 6D0F0F43-3066-4911-9F0B-0C2C4D094A41.thumb.jpeg.8452c572865849dff4def1ec190b209b.jpeg417612BF-8EAF-43B5-8BBC-D5793A0DDCBA.thumb.jpeg.0c63306015f6abf5d2d1b838c016cf80.jpeg8A137074-34CA-4CBC-AEA4-79812D776799.thumb.jpeg.79082816e273299f39d30f6b97e76904.jpegF18F898F-56FF-4220-B695-8BC1CD0118C6.thumb.jpeg.a24710b8a3b9af7689fea83984e8306f.jpeg

On older types like the 717/MD8x/DC9, the options are less straightforward; last time, I was the “helping hands” nearby and the lead tech told me to “just hold this trash can here while I poke at the flapper and ice with this long screwdriver.” YEAH NAH. I’m not paid to do that.

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1 hour ago, Rocco said:

On dirait qu'ils sont entretenus par des employés de la STM avec toutes ces coulisses sous les hublots.

White planes that are coated nose to tail with viscous propylene glycol six months a year, burn diesel fuel to fly from one polluted metropolis to another, and taxi, take off, and land on dusty, potassium phosphate-treated runways and aprons should be carefully washed between every flight before being towed back into -24° within at most an hour of ground time?  Or do you just have to pad your post count by saying something — anything, positive, negative, or in this case truly inane — all the time?

Listen, I don’t come to where you work and kick the mop out of your hands, maybe let those of us with different jobs than whatever it is you pretend at do ours.

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Frozen hellscape.


Yup. Captain was right: there’s a solid buildup of rime ice on the spinner and fan. We normally clean out excess snow and ice from the inlets and hot bleed air takes care of the rest, but rime is harder and if it’s on the spinner or blades it can cause imbalance or trouble starting the engines — which are needed for more bleed air. So, what’s the easiest way to de-ice the moving parts?


Yup, a portable diesel aircraft heater pumping 150°F air at the end of the hose. Works quicker than any engine-safe chemical spray.

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il y a 45 minutes, Kotar a dit :

It was Anaheim, we lost.

The second part of your sentence is a total pleonasm. 😉

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