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    With a bunch of new aircrafts coming, including A321LR, YUL is on the list of destinations TAP would like to add




    Neeleman speaks to TP staff. This was a live stream but recordings are available.




    a poster on the other forum (FT) gave the basic rundown


    "Main points...

    1. Change the company culture to be one more similar to B6 and Azul

    2. No layoffs

    3. Compete with Ryanair - segment the market better, reduce seat pitch on short-haul (A319/320/321)

    4. A350 was changed to A330-900neo, because A350 has higher operating costs and TP doesn't need the range.

    5. Cabin: Economy (30-31" pitch), Economy+ (34" pitch) and biz. Skycouch in economy.

    6. A321LR - useful for east coast US and northeastern Brazil (it has the range). Very useful in low season.

    7. A321LR cabin: 16 layflat biz, 42 E+ (34") 117 Econ (31-32"). Biz seats look like they're staggered.

    8. Network:

    N.America: +BOS, IAD, ORD,YUL,YYZ, BDL [doesn't Neeleman live there???]

    S.America: +JPA, PHB, AJU, more frequencies to existing hubs, cross-polinate with Azul

    Europe: "Rationalize markets and increase frequency and strength in key/largest markets"

    Africa: "Grow in constrained markets and strength in key/largest markets"

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