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It has been almost 2 months since moving to Dublin and some things just make sense:


- Calculating VAT (sales tax) into all the products - So what is shown is what you pay

- No tipping

- Signs both in Gaelic and English. No squabbling between languages, like at home

- Museums are free (I think this is standard across Ireland)

- So far 2 tram lines, working on a 3rd. (So far no need for me to use it)

- Many bus stops tell you when the next bus is - Which is nice, but since downloading Moovit who cares!

- Some interesting pubs

- Cyclist stop at red lights

- Jay-walking is legal

- Garda (their police force across the Republic) the majority do not have a gun - Which is cool, but freaks me out.


Don't get me wrong, I miss Montreal and nothing will replace it.

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