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Further to my notes that YUL is a high volume low yield market, Lufthansa for summer 2016 has just loaded the high density A340 with only 18 business class seats. The operations will be done by Lufthansa-Jump, the white Star coloured A340s without Lufthansa logo's for labour reasons.

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Yet Im happy LH keeps this route, must mean YUL in demand ... still good thing :sarcastic:


I would prefer their reg colors, don't like that star livery ... anyways as a person in industry I don't like them :embarrassed:

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Aren't they already using this product, all I've been seeing are Star Alliance A340 for the last month.


Its different (see pictures of the first Tampa-Frankfurt flight). As this product "jump" is flown with Lufthansa Cityline pilots, the Lufthansa logo's are fully removed from the airplane. Also the current A340 that flies to YUL has 30J seats, this new version will only have 18J.

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I wonder how big of a share is AC grabbing of the premium market out of YUL, for many destinations served both by AC and a competitive carrier, AC offered a better Hard Product in Business, except where they were using the HD777 planes, but then, the competition didn't offered a really good Business product either (I don't appreciate BA 2 sided seating, or AF old old business seats)


YUL being a premium limited market, they seemed imo to get the upper hand in many situations based solely on product offered.


At least we have something :P Not so long ago we didn't even have FRA and had to use MUC (which is not a very nice hub IMHO).


YUL had flights to FRA for a very long time with AC, and IMO AC offers a better product than LH on the planes they send to YUL. As for MUC, I liked it much better than FRA for transit (only the FRA First Class Terminal is nicer than MUC)

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Sorry for the misunderstanding. Lufthansa only flew to MUC until not so long ago, when they added the seasonal FRA flight. And I guess it is a matter of taste for airports... I find MUC way too cramped, the ceilings are too low... makes me feel stuck.

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