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Selon l'aéroport, la compagnie n'aurait pas payé les frais d'atterrissage. Il y a aussi des rumeurs qui disent la compagnie pourrait être en faillite... Ça ne s'annonce pas bien.


SkyGreece grounds flights to and from Toronto, passengers stranded


TORONTO — Troubled airline SkyGreece is apparently grounded again for the second time in a week, with rumours online speculating that this time it could be permanent.


The airline, which began passenger air service in 2014, grounded three flights on Wednesday, according to a recorded statement from the airline.


“GW Flight 425 Athens-Zagreb-Toronto scheduled to depart Wednesday 26th of August; this flight is cancelled due to operational reasons,” the message said.


“GWFlight 428 Toronto-Budapest-Thessaloniki and GW Flight 427 Thessaloniki-Budapest-Toronto scheduled to depart Thursday 27th of August; cancelled due to operational reasons. Further information to follow.”


A Facebook group called “SkyGreece Troubles” has been set up for stranded travellers to discuss their experiences online, with many complaining the airline has not responded to their requests for information.


Danny Petsis said his mother, brother and sister were stuck in Thessaloniki last Thursday during a similar situation when SkyGreece grounded flights, but managed to depart on Sunday.


“I heard a lot of other people were stuck there with no answers from the airline,” he said in an email.


“It was very difficult to communicate with anyone at SkyGreece and when we did reach someone the communication wasn’t always 100 per cent there.”

Petsis said he and his family were left in the dark with no answers from the airline until late Saturday, when they were told they could fly back Sunday.


“Now one week later, with my dad scheduled to travel back on Thursday we see at the Pearson website that his flight was cancelled and again no answers, no information and rumors or rumblings that the airline is going bankrupt have surfaced,” he said.


“The management backing this airline need to come out from hiding and advise what is going on, what is going to happen to those stuck and take accountability and get our family members back to Canada.”


Petsis said some families he’s heard from can’t afford last minute flights back to Toronto and are effectively stuck until further notice from the airline.


“It’s such a shame and stress this airline has caused. Both my parents had to return to their places of work and my mom had missed one day already,” he said.


“My dad will miss more days of work as we have yet to hear anything of the return flight or if SkyGreece will ever fly again.”


SkyGreece did not respond to repeated requests for comment and the company appeared to have deleted both its Twitter and Facebook accounts Wednesday.


Passengers who would like to recover expenses related to the delay can contact SkyGreece on their website. They can also file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency, or through the European Union.


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