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Depenses et Revenues du Gouvernement Federal par Province 2004


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Généralement oui. Mais j'ai mes penchants à droite.


Bon, moi aussi, alors c'est normal qu'on soit d'accord de temps en temps ;)


I'm still curious though. You've joined this forum, stirred up a lot of shit over language issues, debated a lot of economics and politics... yet you haven't posted a single message in the Projects section, which is primarily what this forum is about. Are you a fan of urban development in Montreal? What was your motivation for joining this forum? (Simple honest curiosity)

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Je vais déménager à Montréal très probablement l'été prochain. Et la ville me fascine, moi qui vient d'un petit village. Je ne suis pas celui qui va prendre des captures d'écran pour expliquer à du monde "telle affaire devrait être de telle façon, et ce bâtiment devrait être construit là" tout simplement parce que je ne connais Montréal que dans son ensemble, mais pas dans ses racoins.

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The bottom line is this: We don't have oil in Quebec, but we have the next best thing: abundant clean electricity. Why don't we capitalize on it? Do you honestly believe we shouldn't? We have the means...


There is actually plenty of oil in Gaspe region of Quebec and other places. The problem is it is too expensive to extract, but it has been done... and of course there is some oil in the "shale" region too, but that is not economically recoverable either. But they said that about shale "gas" too only 10 years ago. Currently there are some projects to actually develop oil fields here like at Haldimand project in Gaspe - http://www.petroliagaz.com/ .


That said hydroelectricity is the best form of electricity. So cheap! Cheap electricity is what is absolutely needed. The environment factor is a bonus.


The only problem is trying to ramp this up for export, if your clients say yes yes then of course. If your clients don't care then you have problems... it would be really good to send this electricity to California and Alberta but this is not necessarily realistic.


Cover the wires with liquid nitrogen, LOL this might make the metal thievery a thing of the past methinks :D But still, superconductor gigawatt power lines over thousands of km in different countries, aieee


But there is a great east-west corridor, right on the US-Canada border we can exploit, the trees are already removed and it is a pretty clear ROW except for Rock Forest, etc...

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