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Former PM Brian Mulroney's Westmount home sells for $6 million

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More from Montreal Gazette

Published on: May 22, 2015

Last Updated: May 22, 2015 11:40 AM EDT


Brian Mulroney's home in Westmount sold for about $6 million.



Former prime minister Brian Mulroney’s Westmount mansion — which went on the market in 2013 — has at last been sold.


The five-bedroom, five-bathroom home on Forden Cres. sold for nearly $6 million, below the original price tag of $7.9 million. On Friday, the real-estate website on which is appeared had marked the home as sold, for $5,799,999.


The property includes an outdoor pool, library and fenced-in yard.


“This home is for a buyer who seeks an elegant home and privacy,” read the listing by Montreal power broker Marie-Yvonne Paint. “An elegant layout and spacious rooms sets it in a class of its own.”


The home, registered in the name of Mulroney’s wife, was purchased in 1993 under her maiden name Mila Pivnicki. The deed of sale lists a purchase price of $1 – buyers could keep those details confidential back in the day – but multiple media outlets pegged the real cost of the home at $1,675,000. Apparently the couple spent another $700,000 on renovations


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The question is where will they be moving now ? Somewhere else in Westmount, maybe Westmount square ?


"The septuagenarian, who was prime minister from 1984 to 1993, and his wife are said to be purchasing a condo at a new high-end project in downtown Montreal."



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Pendant ce temps ... Le Devoir: DÉPENSES DES EX-PREMIERS MINISTRES



Un loyer à 8000 $ pour Charest

22 mai 2015 | Marco Bélair-Cirino - Correspondant parlementaire à Québec | Québec


L’ancien premier ministre Jean Charest a visé haut. Il a établi ses quartiers au 42e étage du plus haut gratte-ciel de Montréal, le 1000 de la Gauchetière. M. Charest a aménagé un bureau dans une « adresse de prestige » où « le succès [est] écrit dans le ciel » aux frais de l’État. Il a la ville à ses pieds, moyennant le versement de quelque 8000 $ par mois par le ministère du Conseil exécutif (MCE).


Sa successeure, Pauline Marois, a quant à elle élu domicile dans un bâtiment patrimonial du Vieux-Montréal communément appelé le « siège social de la Banque Royale ». Le loyer y est de 4000 $ par mois.


Le chef caquiste, François Legault, a demandé jeudi aux ex-premiers ministres de préparer leurs boîtes. « Ils devraient occuper des locaux qui appartiennent au gouvernement ou des réseaux du gouvernement. On n’a pas à leur laisser choisir des loyers dans des édifices luxueux », a-t-il affirmé. Plus de 65 000 mètres carrés du parc immobilier de la Société québécoise des infrastructures sont inoccupés. « Je pense qu’il y a quelque chose d’un peu odieux là-dedans. Il faudrait revoir ça », a ajouté la solidaire Manon Massé.


En plus de leur loyer respectif, M. Charest et Mme Marois ont demandé le remboursement de factures de « fournitures » : 31 525,92 $ pour M. Charest (avril 2013–mars 2015) et 3604,72 $ pour Mme Marois (juin 2014–mars 2015). Le MCE n’était pas en mesure de donner le détail de ses dépenses, invitant Le Devoir à se tourner vers la loi sur l’accès à l’information.


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"The septuagenarian, who was prime minister from 1984 to 1993, and his wife are said to be purchasing a condo at a new high-end project in downtown Montreal."


Great news. Just like I noticed the trend of tha past several years, many ''older'' people are moving in downtown and leaving their houses to younger people with children.


In the case of the Mulroney's, maybe it is the Ritz, maybe ORO or maybe M sur la Montagne ? Either way it's great news and we should be proud to have so many ex-prime ministers, both federal and provincial, who do reside in our city. Mulroney, Charest, Bouchard, Parizeau, Marois, Daniel Johnson and Pierre-Marc Johnson and maybe even Paul Martin, not sure !!! While not forgetting Robert Bourassa, René Lévesque and Pierre E Trudeau who all lived in Montréal till their passing.


If we were in Hollywood, there would be a map of the houses of former Prime Ministers and famous politicians of Québec and Canada, from Louis-Hyppolite Lafontaine to the Trudeau's and Johnson's, to name a few. Maybe even listing the place of birth of such people as Jack Layton, Joe Oliver, Jim Flaherty and many others.


We also have Mulcair and Justin Trudeau altough the latter moved to Ottawa a year or so ago. Not to mention Duceppe, Stephane Dion, André Boisclair and other former leaders.

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Also good news that they found a buyer for their Westmount home. It had been on the market for quite awhile. Could be another example of the health or interest in luxury properties here.


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