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Claudius is a BIG problem


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Perhaps a moderator could contact him privatelty to determine if there is any action to take. Personally, I find his posts seem so generic or out of context that it makes it extremely dfficult to follow his thoughts or opinions. I suppose that the people who are disturbed by this could just block his comments, but it somehow takes away from some of the more serious discussions going on. If there isn't any measure to take we live with the situation or block him.....Someone mentionned that he listed Chicago as home.

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Êtes vous sur? Il se pourrait que ce soit quelqu'un qui ne maitrise pas bien l'anglais??


With all due respect I disagree. ALL his posts are "bumps" and he is pushing the montreal-niagara bus tour on his signature. Something has to be done.

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I dabble in digital marketing and I can confirm that this account is merely a spambot. Not a bad one, too! He managed to link his shitty bus tour 25 times on this site. (it's in his sig)


The sad part is that is actually a very succesful run in SEO terms. 25 direct site links on a "premium" site like MTLurb = a ton of credibility in the eyes of google bots.


Better flush that account Malik, unless you're getting a piece of the pie ;)


Son SEO spam apparait aussi sur d'autres forums, dont certain l'ont banni:




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