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4376, rue Clark - 3 étages (2010)


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damn, that's a depressing little change. looks like some italian from montreal north got his hands on it


this comment is extremely similar to the comment on this page: http://mtlurb.com/forums/showthread.php/22981-3830-3840-rue-Saint-Andr%C3%A9-3-%C3%A9tages-%282012%29


I hope one of the moderators takes notice of this blatant racism...

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yeah, that's very very weird, the comment is identical to mine on the saint andré thread. in fact, it looks like the person joined mtlurb specifically to copy my comment from that other thread to this one. (not that i disagree with the comment, per se.) highly strange. by the way, i've been on the board for years, before this account i was flight_from_kamakura (forgot the password and email address i used so after a few months i just started a new account) and before that i was something else, i think maybe hassle_me or love_on_the_run.


anyway, i stand by my remark because a) it's not racist - actual italians from italy wouldn't ever design garbage like this, and there's nothing in the comment that suggests that shit design is something essential to the italian race, which isn't a race at all, but a nationality and in quebec an ethno-cultural group that has lost much of its salience over the past 30-40 years; and b) montreal north shit architecture is horrible and seeing it on the plateau almost certainly means that we can guess at who is funding and building it because almost noone else builds like that. there's a look that the gang up there seems to like and everyone knows it. you want another great example, how about the roy/coloniale disaster that took out the waldman's lots.


i'm not sure why you'd care about such a comment when we all know exactly what i mean and there's no ill-will to the great italian cultural group in it, just a nod to the shitty northern suburbs where a lot of these folks live and the garbage suburban mafiosi architecture. in quebec, we're not hung up on the stupid political correctness nonsense that people in canada get stuck on. people call me english and i don't care, even though i've only ever visited england as a tourist.

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