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Current and future developments in Nice (most aren't building related). Gare Thiers is. It will be an interesting building when completed.


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This is what Gare Thiers / Iconic is supposed to look like when completed this year -



Surface totale :
18.300 m² SP

Commerce :
6.000 m²
Hôtel Hilton de 120 chambres
Cafés et restaurants
Une salle de spectacle de 600 places

(Courtesy of https://www.compagniedephalsbourg.com/portfolio_page/nice-iconic/)

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The main museum here in Nice is going to be redesigned and the area around it. It should be complete by 2025. The current museum is drap.


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Part of the Port of Nice will be redeveloped/redesigned.


(Courtesy of Nice Presse)


I do have to say it is different living in a small city next to the ocean vs a large city.

If you look based on population and rankings:

- Montreal (#1 in Quebec, #2 in Canada, #21 in North America)

- Nice (#2 in PACA, #5 in France, #39 in EU)

I haven't had a chance to explore much the arrière-pays of the Alpes Maritimes or neighbouring cities like Cannes, Monaco, etc.


In other news, Nice wants to be the cultural capital of Europe in 2028. 

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