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Je sais que ça n'a pas rapport, mais ils peuvent bien refaire des classique comme Citizen Kane, Raging Bull, Vol au dessus d'un nid de coucou MAIS ils ne peuvent pas faire un remake de Slap Shop. Au diable les pétition anti-Griffintown. Je part une pétition pour les empêcher de refaire Slap Shot de 1977.


Source: Yahoo Movie


Though the idea of remaking the beloved 1977 sports comedy might seem sacrilegious, Universal has such a project in development.


By FilmStew Staff, FilmStew.com


There was one spectator in attendance at the War Memorial Tuesday night in Johnstown, Pennsylvania for a minor league hockey match between the Johnstown Chiefs and Reading Royals who deserved an official PA system introduction. That would be screenwriter Peter Steinfeld, treading the stomping grounds featured in the classic 1977 sports movie Slap Shot for the purposes of a potential Universal remake.



"This is not a sequel," he tells the Tribute Democrat. "I am going to try to adhere to the original movie as best as I can. At the same time, it can't be just a retread of the original. It would have to reflect how the world has changed and how the town has changed in the last 31 years. There have been huge changes to hockey in that time."


Though this is not yet a "go" project, Steinfeld confirms that in his screenplay at least, he plans to honor one key element of the Paul Newman original shot in and around town by George Roy Hill and co. That would be the inclusion of the crazy trio of goons known as the Hanson brothers.


"You have to work the Hansons into the movie," he suggests. "I think people would really be let down if the Hansons were not in the movie. They are such an iconic part of that classic. They still are very visible guys."


Steinfeld tells the paper that he plans to turn in a finished screenplay to Universal sometime this spring. His other credits include Analyze That, Be Cool and the upcoming MIT students Vegas hack drama 21.

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surtout qu'un remake n'aura pas la traduction francaise aussi vulgaire que l'original qui faisait son charme


Exactement. J'ai toujours dis que le seul film qui était meilleur dans sa version française que dans la version originale anglaise était Slap Shot.

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