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    J'ai vécu à Edmonton en 2016. Ok, y a rien à voir au niveau touristique mais pour y vivre, quelques quartiers sont intéressants. J'ai vécu dans Old Strathcona et c'est charmant comme coin avec ces grands ormes et ses quelques bars et cafés. L'ouest du centre-ville commence à être plus animé. On parle d'ailleurs de rendre Jasper, un rue commerçante, plus intéressante pour les piétons. Ils ont fait des essais en 2017 avec des installations temporaires.

    Le complexe Stantec est gros pour cette ville. Ça fait hubris corporatif. J'ai peur que le traitement au niveau de la rue ne soit pas "people friendly".

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    Il y a 4 heures, Mondo_Grosso a dit :

     Edmonton - Mackenzie Tower, 35 floors, by LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design. 


    Je sens que le MAA condos va ressembler à ça

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    Work begins on Edmonton light rail line extension
    International Railway Journal |  Jun 9, 2020  |  Written byDavid Burroughs

    CONSTRUCTION has begun on the 1.5km phase 1 of the Edmonton Metro Line Northwest (MLNW) extension from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Nait) to Blatchford.


    The extension will run from a new station at Nait, north through Blatchford. Phase 2 will run 9.4km from Blatchford, connecting with key activity centres along 113A Street and then west along 153 Avenue to Campbell Road.

    Blatchford is a new community development that will be located on the 216-acre site of the former city centre airport. The area will house 30,000 residents, and will be designed to use 100% renewable energy, and be carbon neutral, significantly reducing the area’s carbon footprint.

    The extension is expected to carry 8000 passengers a day when it opens ins 2024 or 2025, rising to 17,600 within 20 years.

    The $C 665m ($US 496.4m) Metro Line, which runs partially along the Capital Line and a 3.3km branch to Nait, opened in September 2015. In March last year, the Canadian government agreed to contribute more than $C 1bn through the Canada Infrastructure Plan to expand the network, including $C 127m for the first phase of the MLNW.

    Much of the work on phase 1 will be taking place in undeveloped areas with minimal impact to the public. However, the realignment will require a closure of 109 Street between Princess Elizabeth Avenue and 120 Avenue to pedestrians and vehicles from June 15 until October.

    The contractors and consultants involved in the project have adjusted their health, safety and environment plans to incorporate Covid-19 protocols and comply with Alberta Health directives and guidelines.


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