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Alberta design firm Stantec has joined a global wave of consolidations by announcing plans Wednesday to acquire the engineering assets of the battered Montreal-based Dessau for an undisclosed price.

Stantec said the acquisition will significantly strengthen its presence in Quebec by adding 1,300 employees at 20 offices throughout Quebec as well as Ontario.


Dessau recently came under scrutiny during the corruption inquiry in Quebec over illegal financing of political parties.


Stantec CEO Bob Gomes said he's comfortable about expanding in Quebec.

"The Dessau team is a better, stronger, and more engaged group than ever, and


I believe their management team is excited to lead their staff toward the expanded opportunities that will be available as Stantec,” Gomes said. "We will be proud to include them in the Stantec team."

Dessau was temporarily black listed by Quebec's securities regulator on the recommendation of the province's permanent anti-corruption unit. The Sauriol brothers who founded Dessau in 1957 left the company more than a year ago.


Gomes said Dessau has expertise in a variety of sectors including water, power, energy and infrastructure, while adding telecommunications and security services.


"With nearly 25 per cent of the Canadian population and a large infrastructure market, expanding in Quebec represents a substantial, long-term opportunity for us in a growing market," Gomes said.


Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/business/alberta-s-stantec-to-expand-quebec-presence-with-dessau-deal-1.2022066#ixzz3EG23v4en

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Man the Montreal economy is on fire. After losing Astral, Osisko, Standard Life - to outside Quebec interests, I must say we're on a roll!


Soon Edmonton will have more head offices than us.


Will you blame the PQ for Dessault? Isn't Couche-Tard preparing another acquisition? What about MTY? We win some, we lose some. I would prefer if the Québec companies were doing all the buying, but you need to let some of your companies get bought to be able to have your companies buying others.


And if it was only Québec companies doing the buying, you would complain that no one wants to buy Québec companies... At least it proves that Québec's market is not completally bad if foreign companies want to invest here.

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I'm very worried with decisional power moving out of Quebec. Look at Osisko, Astral, Standard etc. Its great that WSP, Couche Tard and MTY are getting bigger - put to make up for some losses over the last 3 decades we need to be significantly in the positive.


Dessault was a strong company, rich of money and human capital. However, their directors were bandits, robbers and liars. We all learned that with Commission Charbonneau.


So either we keep the company here and have to deal with local robbers, bandits and liars or we let it go to edmontonian robbers, bandits and liars.


At least, that robbed money was spent back here in Québec into luxury mansion, luxury cars and luxury lifestyle. Now that robbed money will be spent in luxury areas of Edmonton...

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Allons-nous toujours vivre sur la corde raide en entretenant en permanence une sorte d'urgence d'intervention après coup? Le monde des affaires ne connait plus de frontières, ainsi la mouvance est de plus en plus rapide et concerne tout le monde, pas seulement le Québec. Nous gagnons à ce jeu, comme nous perdons dans d'autres transactions et ce sera ainsi qu'on le veuille ou pas. Alors les gérants d'estrade qui tirent la sonnette d'alarme à chaque fois qu'un mouvement s'amorce seraient mieux de se calmer un peu. C'est fatiguant à la longue d'être constamment inondés sur ce forum de personnes hystériques qui sont incapables de faire intelligemment la part des choses et cela de manière objective.

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