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The world's most influential city, une étude de Joel Kotkin, Ali Modarres, Aaron Renn et Wendell Cox, positionne Montréal à la 41ème place des centres de pouvoir d'influence. Londres, New York et Paris se partagent le podium. Toronto figure dans le top 10.


Article original: http://www.forbes.com/sites/joelkotkin/2014/08/14/the-most-influential-cities-in-the-world/


No. 1: London

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 328

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: 68<

Air Connectivity: 89%*

Global Financial Centres Index Rank: 1


* The air connectivity score is the percentage of other global cities outside the city’s region (e.g., for London, cities outside of Europe) that can be reached nonstop a minimum of three times per week.


No. 2: New York

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 143

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: 82

Air Connectivity: 70%

GFCI Rank: 2


No. 3: Paris

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 129

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: 60

Air Connectivity: 81%

GFCI Rank: 29


No. 4: Singapore

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 359

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: N/A

Air Connectivity: 46%

GFCI Rank: 4


No. 5: Tokyo

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 83

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: 154

Air Connectivity: 59%

GFCI Rank: 5


No. 6: Hong Kong

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 234

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: 48

Air Connectivity: 57%

GFCI Rank: 3


No. 7: Dubai

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 245

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: N/A

Air Connectivity: 93%

GFCI Rank: 25


No. 8 (TIE): Beijing

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 142

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: 45

Air Connectivity: 65%

GFCI Rank: 59


No. 8 (TIE): Sydney

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 111

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: 21

Air Connectivity: 43%

GFCI Rank: 15


No. 10 (TIE): Los Angeles

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 35

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: N/A

Air Connectivity: 46%

GFCI Rank: N/A


No. 10 (TIE): San Francisco Bay Area

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 49

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: 17

Air Connectivity: 38%

GFCI Rank: 12


No. 10 (TIE): Toronto

FDI Transactions (5-Year Avg.): 60

Forbes Global 2000 HQs: 23

Air Connectivity: 49%

GFCI Rank: 11


Remaining batch01.JPG

Remaining batch02.JPG


Autre source : http://www.newgeography.com/content/004475-the-worlds-most-influential-cities



Kerney classe Montréal à la 30ème place des villes globales :


Global cities of the future 2014.jpg

Source :http://www.atkearney.com

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Financial power is centralized in Toronto, Forbes Global 2000 HQs as well, air connectivity is not important to me. I suppose Montreal nailed it through awesiome FDI strategy. Check this document to see how: FDI American Cities of the Future 2013/14 Winners


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Montreal, Vancouver gain on Toronto in global ranking of financial centres

Published Monday, Mar. 17 2014,


Changing fortunes

Montreal and Vancouver are inching closer to Toronto in a global ranking of financial centres, largely because of the perception of those in the industry.


Toronto slipped to 14th spot in the latest Global Financial Centres Index, a respected study done via an online survey by Z/Yen Group Ltd., from No. 11 last fall.


Canada’s financial capital, however, dipped even though its scores increased because of the ascension of three other centres, San Francisco, Washington and Luxembourg.


In fact, Toronto’s decline was “statistically insignificant,” said the index’s principal author, Mark Yeandle.


“Just five points more (out of 1,000) would have seen Toronto remain in 11th,” he said of the report, which surveyed more than 3,000 industry players on everything from infrastructure to reputation.


Notable, though, were the gains by Montreal and Vancouver, which each moved up two notches to numbers 16 and 17, respectively, and the reasons for them.


“They got particularly good assessments in the last six months from respondents … and I think in particular Montreal got much higher assessments than it did last time around,” Mr. Yeandle said, adding the Quebec and British Columbia cities are doing well in terms of people’s perceptions.


In the September, 2013, reading, Toronto was No. 11, with Montreal and Vancouver in the 18 and 19 positions. And in the reading before that, Toronto was No. 12, while Vancouver held 15 spot and Montreal 16.


That doesn’t mean Toronto is losing ground. And over all, Mr. Yeandle said, the Canadian market is “highly respected.”


Calgary dropped one notch to No. 22, having been No. 21 last fall and No. 17 in the earlier report.


The biggie in the latest report, released over the weekend, is that New York bested London for the top spot for the first time, albeit by a small margin.


“London sees the largest fall in the top 50 centres,” Mr. Yeandle said in a statement.


“This seems to be based on a number of factors including fears of regulatory creep, uncertainty over Europe, the perception that London might be becoming less welcoming to foreigners and perceived levels of market manipulation.”


Following those two for the top 10 were Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, Tokyo, Seoul, Boston, Geneva and San Francisco.







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So what is the problem, quel classement est bon Mark et quel est mauvais? Tu peux me faire une liste? Ou bien c'est seulement les classements qui classent Montréal très bas qui ont raisons.


Toronto emploi environ 200 000 personnes dans l'industrie financière.

Montréal emploi environ 100 000 personnes. Ce n'est pas 5x plus.

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So Toronto with 5 major banks, and Montreal with 2 small banks are neck and neck? The financial community in Toronto is at least 5x larger than Montreal.


This is the thing chrisdvd, you need to get out more and see the difference.


Dans le marché financier et connexe, en plus de la BNC et de la Laurentienne, il y a aussi Desjardins, la Caisse de dépôt, PSP (équivalent de la Caisse de dépôt au Fédéral), Intact, Sun Life, Standard Life, TD (la branche Assurance)

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