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NOTE: This is a Karsten Rumpf project announced back in JUNE 2011 with little to no indication that any work started.


Since he is currently active with the Bishop Court condo conversion, I figured this project would be worth posting here. But this thread probably belongs to "projects oublie" for now.


Bounded by Sherbrooke Street and the Ville-Marie Expressway, and Atwater and Bishop Streets, Montreal’s Quartier des grands jardins is bustling with life.


“Historically and today, it’s such a rich area,” Prime Properties president Karsten Rumpf says, “In just a few blocks there are so many services, matched by a variety of restaurants and stores. More and more, there is just a lot of life in the area. It’s a destination, a place where people want to be.”


The area contains the Montreal Children’s hospital, the historic buildings of the Domaine des Soeurs Grises de Montreal, Guy-Concordia Metro Station, the Canadian Centre for Architecture and several schools including Concordia University. Recent and ongoing efforts to rejuvenate the area include a bike path, more green spaces and cleaner streets.


From 1998 to 2009, Prime Properties acquired 3 buildings on the north-east corner at Mackay and St. Catherine. Now, after years of planning, Prime Properties is set to start the construction of a two-story building on a 12 000 square foot property.


Prime Properties’ vision is to respect the historic heritage of the area, promote and diversify the local economy and provide better services to the 14 000 residents of the area. The ground floor of the new building will be available as commercial space for retailers and restaurants, and the second floor will be used as either commercial or office space.


Prime Properties is proud to contribute to the revitalization of the Quartier des grands jardins, and to offer Montreal a distinguished building that will embellish St. Catherine Street – one of the city’s most important and beautiful streets.

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I strongly suspect this building will go down as part of Sainte-Catherine West's renewal project.


Yup, ce terrain fait partie des lots mentionnés ici il y a quelques semaines:


Séance ordinaire du conseil d’arrondissement du mardi 14 octobre 2014 19 h

Bureau d’arrondissement au 800, boulevard De Maisonneuve Est, rez-de-chaussée





Parmi les items…



Décréter l'imposition d'une réserve foncière, à des fins de parc, sur les lots 1 341 035, 1 341 036, 1 341 039 et 3 550 498, situés au coin nord-est des rues Sainte Catherine Ouest et Mackay

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Beau geste. je redoute cependant qu'il sera vite submergé. Ce qu'il faudrait, c'est que ce ne soit pas un seul bon samaritain, mais une politique de récupération de la nourriture gaspillée (en quantité monstrueuse) des restos et épicerie. On nourrirait un paquet de monde avec ça.


Mais je m'égare là....

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