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April 11th 2014


Seems they're doing away with some of the more charming elements of the middle building (its cornice, I don't know how they can wedge it back in).


Also the new section (corner Fort) is now open.







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May 30th 2014


Sorry again for the night shots. Was out doing a late grocery run and couldn't help but notice they went back to the original bricks and decorations. What are they gonna put upstairs, apartments??





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June 1st 2014 - daytime shots


Notice on the first shot they didn't clean up the graffiti by the windows. So they cleaned the bricks but not completely? They'll also have to clean the tags on the Fort side.


Obviously they are missing signage. I'm hoping for a huge old-school neon on the Fort side but we're past that era I guess.





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The extention of the Sergagkis sports bar in front of Place Depuis is also taking a long time. They're taking over the spot where the SAQ used to be on the corner of St-Andre. They have been using the frontage for a terrace however.


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