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Montreal a quality city, Mercer rankings affirm


We’re No. 4 in North America for quality of life; Vienna ranks No. 1 worldwide, while Baghdad is last




Montreal is the fourth-best city to live in North America, according to Mercer.


Photograph by: Dave Sidaway / THE GAZETTE


MONTREAL — Worldwide, we’re No. 23, but in North America, Montreal ranks in the top five cities for quality of life.

Mercer, a consultant in health, retirement and investments, comes out with a ranking of cities every year. This ranking helps companies determine compensation packages when employees are given international assignments.


In the 2014 global list, Vienna is No. 1, but Canadian cities rule when the it comes to North America: Vancouver is first, Ottawa second, Toronto third and Montreal fourth. San Francisco rounds up the top 5. Here are the top five worldwide: Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switzerland; Auckland, New Zealand; Munich, Germany; Vancouver.


The worst places to live, according to Mercer: Mexico City in North America; Port-au-Prince, Haiti, for Central and South America; Tbilisi, Georgia in Europe; Dushanbe, Tajikistan, in Asia; Baghdad for the Middle East and Africa.


Some of the factors that affect rank are political stability, censorship, air and water pollution, schools, recreation, climate and natural disasters.


For more information and bragging rights, go to www.mercer.com/qualityofliving


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