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I have just returned from a hair show in Montreal and once again I have fallen in love with that city. It is always so great to be in a place where people push the envelope with fashion. They seem to push the envelope with everything they do.

While there I attended a Habs game against Ottawa. Now, to be honest, I am a Leafs fan and I hate both of these teams but to get caught up in all that was going on was easy to do.

I did have some time in between great plays to notice that even at a hockey game the woman of Montreal dress well and have great hair and better makeup. What I also noticed is that they are not necessarily better looking. They are average I think in the big picture.

But it's what they do with their version of average that matters. They accent the positive and hide the negative. They walk with confidence and a belief in themselves.

It is really attractive to see a woman - any woman - carry herself with a sense of confidence. A sense of purpose and a sense of ease. Ease in herself and her look.

I think it comes down to the details. Not a specific sweater or dress or haircut, but in all of the things that they pick it's quality over quantity. They make sure their hair is polished and their nails are manicured. The right earrings that can dress up any look.

Now the great part about this is that you can do this, too. If you are feeling out of sorts with your fashion, whether it is your haircut or your clothes, this is the time to start to make a change,

The first thing is to take a really good inventory. I was in Winners the other day trying on some shirts and I am not sure what the lights do in the dressing rooms but I know I look better than that!!!

What it did do, though, was shine an honest light on what is working and what I have to work on. We need to be honest with ourselves if we expect to change and inventory helps with that.

Start with your clothes. If it has a stain on it, if it has a rip in it or if you haven't worn it in a year then you must get rid of it. Just let it go. It isn't your friend.

If it is your hair it's time for some detail. A cleaner cut, a solid colour that compliments your skin (your stylist can help you with that) . Think more polish. Think expensive. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just look expensive. And that means well done. Maybe your makeup is in need of an update.

The first step is to book a consultation to reevaluate and start again. We get in such ruts with our looks that we sometimes can't see the forest for the trees. It's time to add a little French to our diet. Take the fashion challenge; you will be pleased with the results.

[email protected]

Bryan Fader is throwing out everything with hair colour on it and starting again. He is an international Platform artist for Piidea Canada and trying to get better every day.


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God habsfan !! Quel commentaire sexiste !! C'est bien toi !! ;)

Pour le reste, je suis presque d'accord avec l'article. Je suis presque d'accord pour accepter que les femmes de Montréal ne sont ni plus belles ni moins que n'importe où. Je susi aussi d'accord que si nous salivons aux passage des Montréalaise c'est parce qu'elle sont très conscientes de leur sex-appeal ; qu'elles font tout pour se trouver belles, attirantes ; qu'elles ne le font pas nécéssairement pour nous (même probablement pas du tout) mais qu'on en profite au passage :D

Je serais tout aussi curieux d'avoir l'avis des femmes canadiennes en rapport à la différence entre les homme canadiens et les Montréalais.

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Veux tu ben m'expoliquer comment est ce que mon commentaire est sexiste??? Je ne savais pas que être homosexuel c'était un Sexe? Il y a les hommes, les femmes et maintenant il y a les homosexuels?:rolleyes:;)

Sexiste parce que ce commentaire se veut désobligeant et est basé sur une appréciation des orientations sexuelle d'une personne. "Sexualiste" d'abord ?

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