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There is this guy from Vancouver that keeps posting comments on cbc.ca and he pisses me off like crazy! Look at this quote from this article about the dangers of q-tips:


Ramsay suggested people use their pinky fingers instead of cotton swabs to clean the insides of their ears. His recommendation was echoed Wednesday by nose and throat specialist Jack Rothstein, who said people should never put anything "smaller than an elbow" in their ear.


Ramsay is the coroner from QC


read the rest here:



Now this moron from BC wrote this as a comment:



'Nothing smaller than your elbow'. How does one put their elbow in your ear I my ask? Sounds like this Quebec coroner doesn't have much of a life to me..


I wish I could reply: "STFU John!!!" but instead wrote

you are not reading it properly, he didn't say that!!! It was the other guy! Looks like this guy from BC is illiterate..


Two questions:

1-Why did the editors of cbc.ca accept this fuc&head's comment and

2-Will they accept mine???


I hate this guy man, he has pissed me off so many times! I think I'll go ask my wife for a bj to start my day better!

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HAHAHAHA!! They actually posted my reply!







Hey John you are not reading properly, its not the coroner who said to "not put anything smaller than an elbow" in your ear. It looks like this guy from BC is illiterate and has no life but to bash everything from qc.

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I think I'll go ask my wife for a bj to start my day better!


I personnaly think that I wouldn't allow myself to get pissed off so often about so nothing if I had a girlfriend as understanding as yours !!

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