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I figured I would start a thread dedicated to Place Alexis-Nihon, since it's undergoing significant renovations.


You may think this is all cosmetic but they will be introducing significant measures to improve accessibility. Target is to open Fall 2013 fall and I was told the 8 million dollars IGA expansion is scheduled for January 2014. The food court will be completely remodeled in Summer 2014.



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Alexis Nihon will be a class act. Nothing to do with the tacky mall it had become. The renos underway show a very pure design, straight lines and lots of glass. Storefronts inside the mall will be streamlined in a 1960s PVM way. Way to go!

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Et bien , je ne dirais pas qu'elle retourne complètement aux sources , mais plus qu'elle se débarrasse des fla-flas horribles qui lui avait été ajoutés dans les années 80 ! (miroirs sous les escaliers roulants , colonnes avec pseudo-marbre pastel , etc)


Les bacs à plantes cheaps et les panneaux de bois verticaux sur le rebords des étages en 70 n'étaient pas très chics non plus ;)

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