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As you can see from the following pictures, this handsome 1950 building (mostly known for its Mourelatos) has cleaned graffitis, new doorway, kicked out the shady dance school. I would bet this will be student residences / apartments, but they might have to get it rezoned?



July 22nd 2013:



Summer 2012:


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August 6th 2015


Still looking for a tenant, but at least it's pretty clean now. Looking sharp with those black windows!




Here are some official details and pictures from the owners.


Approximately: 6,000 sq ft on the ground floor (subdividable) , 6,000 sq ft below the ground floor and 4,500 sq ft for each of the 2 floors above ground (office or retail) available for leasing.

    Prepared to subdivide to approximately 1,000 sq ft given the right circumstances.

    Ceiling heights:
      ground floor: approximately 12 ft (subject to measurement);

      below ground: approximately 8 ft (subject to measurement); would be perfect as a bar/lounge or extra seating.

    Approximately: 50 feet of continuous window frontage available facing St-Catherine Street with its thousands of daily and nightly pedestrians.







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On peut dire que cet édifice est redevenu neuf après plus de soixante ans d'usage et a à nouveau fière allure. Il fait partie de la renaissance de Ste-Catherine ouest qui n'aura bientôt plus rien à envier à sa partie plus centrale. Ceci s'explique en grande partie par le développement immobilier résidentiel du secteur qui amène une toute nouvelle clientèle, plus nombreuse, plus jeune et dynamique. Comme quoi en dépit de longues années de stagnation économique, tout est toujours permis tant qu'il y a de la vie.

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