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Pokerpages.com: Montreal Croupiers Take Electronic Poker Table Battle to Court


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Montreal Croupiers Take Electronic Poker Table Battle to Court


by PokerPages.com

Mon, Jan 28th, 2008 @ 12:00am


Three unions representing 1,450 croupiers at Quebec area casinos lodged a request with Quebec Superior Court to force the board that regulates gambling in the province, the Regie des alcools des courses et des jeux, to address complaints that the 25 automated electronic Texas Hold'em poker tables installed Jan. 18 at the Montreal Casino are illegal.


The croupiers, who have been without a contract since Dec. 21, 2006, are in ongoing discussions with the Societe des casinos du Quebec. The croupiers say the tables are illegal and charmless.


The PokerPro tables, made by PokerTek, a North Carolina USA-based company, do not meet Quebec's legal requirement that slot machines be pure games of chance, said Jean-Pierre Proulx, a spokesperson for the croupiers union, affiliated with the Quebec Federation of Labour. Proulx maintains that poker has a large element of strategy as well as chance, so should not be treated the same as a slot machine.


The union has been waiting for a ruling from the Regie on the legality of the machines.


43 Electronic Tables Already Installed


Besides the 25 automated poker tables installed at the Montreal, 13 have been installed at Lac Leamy in Gatineau and 5 in Charlevoix.


According to Vito Casucci, a spokesman for Pokertek, the machines can deal 50 per cent faster than human dealers, allowing customers to spend their money faster. The union is concerned that casino staff may consequently lose their jobs and that the new poker rooms represent a trend toward more electronic games.


According to a union spokesperson, the Regie has steadfastly refused to meet with them or confirm that a complaint against the introduction of the dealer-free machines has been lodged.


The union filed a complaint with Quebec's alcohol and gaming regulator Dec. 7, arguing that the absence of a human dealer makes the tables illegal under Quebec law.


"We are asking the court to make a ruling that the Regie has to meet with us," union spokesperson Jean-Pierre Proulx said. "They have not responded to our demands, they put our lawyer on hold and said they have no file of our complaint. Technically, the Regie is not doing their job."


He said the croupiers' unions, affiliated with the Quebec Federation of Labour and representing workers from Montreal, Gatineau and Charlevoix, complained to the Regie twice in December and twice this month.


Regie spokesperson Rejean Theriault said receipt of the complaints was acknowledged but the situation could not be analyzed until the machines were opened Jan. 18.


"It's like investigating a murder when there's no body," Theriault said.



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Je n'ai aucune pitié pour eux. Ils n'ont pas voulu négocier avec Loto Québec, et maintenant que LotoQuébec a trouver quelque chose de mieux, ils e plaignent. Encore cette maudite mentalité de syndicat. comme si nous avoins droit à tout!


J'espère qu'ils vont perdre en cours!

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je suis allé essayer les machines electroniques au casino, et je dois dire que j'ai été agréablement surpris par elles. C'est pas du tout comme jouer online, ca va vite. mais pas hyper vite, et ca a des avantages indéniables, comme le fait que tu connais le montant de $$ en jeu de chacun, lors des all-ins tu as les probabilité de gain de chacun..

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