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Hi all,


I thought that I would share with you guys my progress on my Jeanne-Mance project that I have been working on during the past months.


This work is largely incomplete as I barely had enough time to work on it. I acknowledge that, there is a lot of changes to do with the masterplan, so it is likely to be quite different on the report, which should be finished by April or Mai



I just want to specify that this project is explorative. Its only purpose is to explore developmental opportunities within the context of reconnecting the area’s urban fabric to its surroundings and also to maximize land use efficiency, while finding solutions to offer more amenities than what they already have.



MasterPlan JM.jpg



Here is a section of the extended Emery Street at the centre

section-Emery extension.jpg

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Some of the large towers remain in this masterplan. Along Ontario, the buildings with the green roof have 2 sections 8 and 4. Except for the tower along Sanguinet and Ontario on which is now 11. The central area is mostly 4 floors and the blocks below Maisonneuve are mostly 8-11, one of the current tower remain.

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As I just added in the update section of the first post, this project is merely explorative. The proposed masterplan offers more than what they already have. Although, if it was to be built, it should happens in phases, while this proposal will increase the population in the area, all buildings within the Habitation Jeanne-Mance should remain public housing.

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looking very nice, though still some work to do. sanguinet and ontario should be built out, no question, as should the southern maisonneuve lots facing the metro station. i'd reduce emory street through the habitations to a pedestrian pedestrian street, prince arthur-style, but keep a retail wall going through the area (will also help keep your park intact, which is important, as we learned through the qda process). i'd put high priority on re-establishing the maisonneuve retail wall, even at the expense of the westernmost park space, which could be reclaimed by filling in the emory through street. finally, in order to support all this retail, i think getting more people in there would be key, i'm thinking 6 stories throughout, with some saw-toothing for effect. another advantage to higher density/greater height is that you can move existing residents in greater numbers, speeding phasing and development times, and allowing you to take down some of the taller 1950s buildings.

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Et ensuite, on les rentre comment à Montréal ces conteneurs? Ont les mets sur des camions qui vont contribuer à détruire le Pont Champlain? Qui vont engorger toutes les voies de circulation de la ville plutôt que seulement la rue Notre-Dame, et ainsi contribuer à la paralysie de l'économie montréalaise?

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the entire site should be a public park - downtown needs a greenspace - currently it is used by a minority of people and for parking.   the connection between downtown and quartier latin would create a a harmonious link - hotels and restaurants could have frontage on both.the new park and Ste-cathrine street creating jobs and wealth.  the affordable housing could be broken up and located elsewhere to stop the 'ghetto' effect it has on the east side of St-Laurent.  it is also not the ideal location to bring up a young family or elderly person in the current hood. 

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