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On 2023-09-14 at 12:04 PM, YUL said:

Let's say that both AC and LX had a A333 available for that route; in a JV how do they decide who will perform the flights?

By the lowest CASM of the two?

(By example here, LX would have submitted a lower cost of operating the route versus AC?)

Good question. Without knowing the LX/AC JV's wording, let's assume that each carrier would also assess 1. Revenue from 'behind and beyond' traffic, not just 'YUL-ZRH vs YYZ-ZRH origin-destination passengers', 2. If gate availability at time x better matches up with those connecting passengers, 3. Can one carrier better slot their aircraft into an additional same-day shorter-haul rotation within their network? etc etc, there is so much to consider.      

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On 2023-09-08 at 6:43 PM, bxlmontreal said:

Introducing a new look for our Air Canada Jetz aircraft that charter sports teams, musicians and more. A twist on our mainline livery, select Jetz aircraft will have an all-black livery, making them instantly recognizable and feature a modernized, upgraded cabin. 
Voici la nouvelle livrée Air Canada Jetz, pour les vols nolisés d’équipes sportives, de musiciens, etc. Cette variante toute noire de la livrée principale sur certains avions Jetz permettra de les reconnaître en plus de proposer une cabine modernisée et améliorée.


There is a reason why most all planes are painted white. It is harder to spot spills or leaks on a black plane. Plus, white reflects the heat better than dark colors. Also, I am not sure if it is true but darker colors weigh more than white due to the pigment.

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Pour l'instant je ne crois que que ce soit un problème mais est-ce que vous croyez qu'on pourrait éventuellement arriver à un point ou on aura de la misère à fournir avec les gates du côté transfrontalier également? Et si oui, quelles seraient les solutions viables?

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On 2023-09-22 at 10:51 PM, SameGuy said:

Already out of gates. [Thankfully] Domestic hasn't yet bounced back, or we'd have those flights parking at remote stands, too.

Are the trans order gates always full, or are there peak times like with the International ones?

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