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Until Montreal scrapped its streetcars in 1959, the Craig Terminus was one of the hubs of the city's sprawling tramway network. Located near the corner of St. Urbain and Craig (now Viger St. Antoine), 14 different tram lines merged into this imposing stone building, built in 1925. It was demolished in 1970 when the Ville Marie Expressway tore through a huge swath of downtown Montreal.



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I have to say I'm still not sure why the terminus had to be destroyed for the highway, but not 159 st-antoine, which is still there today.


I'd guest that it's either a) the terminal building was longer (maybe all the way to Viger street) - it makes sense when you consider buses and trolleys were running inside it; looking at the foot print of the 159 St-Antoine, it would be a bit tight. Or b) it wasn't destroyed for the expressway but by the Palais des Congrès construction: if you look in both pictures below, the wall and lamp posts behind the terminal looks very similar to the one running along side the expressway today.



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Grâce au lien que monctezuma nous a fourni (http://www.mtlurb.com/forums/showthread.php/21244-1947-2013-comparez-Montr%C3%A9al-d-hier-%C3%A0-aujourd-hui-en-un-clic-%21), on peut voir le terminal et le 159 du haut des airs!




Je pense qu'une partie du terminal a été détruit pour l'autoroute; sur la photo de mon post précédent, on voit que la brique est beaucoup plus propre et récente à l'arrière que sur le côté...

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