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‘Cheap’ Quebec customers hit with special ‘tax’ in Burlington, Vt. restaurants


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Ken’s Pizza in Burlington, Vt., takes the unambiguous approach to prodding stingy Quebec customers to tip: “Tipping is not just something you do in a canoe,” the menu reads.

The perennial issue blew up again recently when two waterfront restaurants in the Vermont city owned up to adding an automatic surcharge to cover the tip they weren’t expecting “foreign” customers to leave.

“It is people from foreign countries. And since most of our foreign customers come from Quebec . . . ” said Leunig Bistro owner Bob Conlon.

But Conlon, a 30-year veteran restaurateur in Burlington, disapproved mightily when a couple of fellow restaurateurs started letting servers automatically add on a tip when customers’ accents suggested they were non-Americans.

Read more: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1247988---cheap-quebec-customers-hit-by-special-tax-in-burlington-vt-restaurants


Cute :stirthepot: Thing is, how can you tell someone by their accent? When I go to Vermont, people think I am a local because I sound like them, but if I am somewhere else in the US, people know I am not from around there.

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