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Encore une fois pas certain ou afficher -- le gouvernement du Qc propose -- surprise surprise -- de nouveux reglements cette fois dans le domaine des condos. For those familiar with the more granular aspects of condo financing, building and selling any thoughts and comments?


I've never bought a condo buy my first reaction is typical Qc government reacation in that more regulation is the answer. How do other jurisdicctions regulate the condo market and is Qc actually in need of updating rules and laws or is this needless meddling?

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How about this: make it illegal for real estate agents to buy before the general public can buy. I have seen far too many projects lately that already have 30%+ of the best units "reserved" before the presale only to find them in a few weeks' time on the MLS with the same agent's name, marked up by 15-20%.


Not only does this artificially inflate the prices but it provides a false sense of success for a project.


Other than that, in my experience the Quebec government can put in all of the regulations they want but they still have no way to ENFORCE them and therein lies the problem.

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J'ai posté ce week-end le mémoire de la Chambre des Notaires; mais comme tu as créé( bonne idée un tread sur le sujet précis......je recopie le lien).

Je suis un partisan de l'amélioration des règles de syndicat de copropriété.......Il semble clair à ce jour que le nombre de condos va tripler d'ici peu ( within maybe 10/15 ans) et que nous tous devrions être sensible à ce propos.

Dans une des discussions du week-end dernier, je postais le mémoire des notaires:http://www.cdnq.org/fr/laChambrePrendPosition/

J'aimerais pour fin de discussions que nous échangions sur ce thème.

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