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Picture in question: e010859823-v8.jpg


From what I can determine, the church in the middle of the picture is the one at the corner of Saint-Jacques and Vinet in st henri, and the slope on the side is where the Ville-Marie highway is now. Based on the size of that church and its position, I say is between staint-jacques and notre-dame around Guy street.


Things I hope you guys can help with, the church on the left, with the single steeple, where is/was it? The building on the right, in the background, with all the chimneys, what is it, it looks really familiar, I'm sure someone will recognize it.


And finally, does anyone have a map of the rail lines in the general area around the turn of the century, there is a platform on the extreme right in the middle, and knowing where they were would help greatly.


Thanks for the help in advance, I love trying to figure these old ones out.

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That looks to be Saints-Martyrs Coréens in the distance. The picture is post 1904 then. Based on the angle, I am guessing it is on the CP lines and not the Grand Trunk lines. Thus probably making in part of the Windsor Street Depot, Donegani street wing.


Here is a map 1898


So the church is most likely the Église Saint-Joseph

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Moi, ce que j'y vois, c'est Albert Street, vu à partir du Square Chaboillez. La gare à droite, ce serait le dépôt du Grand Trunk. À l'extérieur de la photo, à droite, on pourrait voir la gare Windsor. Mais je pourrais très facilement me tromper.

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      I'm sure there's a thread for this piece of land but too lazy to look.
      In Saturday's Gazette a report on a new Preval projet on the former Franciscan church site.
      Suspects are apparently already complaining though that's a small piece of the report.
      MONTREAL - A vast tract of downtown land, left partially empty after the site’s historic Franciscan church was destroyed in a 2010 blaze, could be reinvented as two 18-storey condo towers.
      Groupe Prével, the developer that transformed the former Seville theatre near the old Forum into a sold-out multi-phase condo project, has an option to buy part of the site on the south side of René Lévesque Blvd., west of Fort St. and the entrance to Highway 720.
      The Prével project — which would include a 330-square-metre public park on part of the site — would require the city of Montreal to change the zoning from institutional to residential.
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      The project comes at a time when the city of Montreal, along with other local muncipalities, is under fire for fast-tracking residential development at the expense of green space and such services as schools and daycares in areas like Griffintown. Sigler said Prével’s project would balance development with the need for green space, by creating the park and maintaining the woods in the back of the site known as the jardin des Franciscains.
      “Nothing would be knocked out,” Sigler told The Gazette.
      But some residents in nearby Shaughnessy Village have already called on city officials to “firmly oppose the project” and come up with a plan oriented toward better public access to the site instead of for “building condo towers.”
      Through the deal with the Franciscans, Prével would acquire only part of the site, which includes two heritage buildings used by commercial tenants. The religious order, which first stepped foot in Quebec nearly 400 years ago, would continue to own these two buildings.
      The historic Franciscan church was destroyed in an early-morning fire more than three years ago. News reports said the religious order had ceased holding services at the aging church, and abandoned the building in 2007 because it couldn’t afford the $5 million in needed repairs.
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      ENcore une fois, tiré de la Gazette de ce matin!
      More cars for busiest train line
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      The introduction of double-decker service on the Montreal/Deux Montagnes line tops the priority list for the new three-year capital-spending plan of the Metropolitan Transit Agency.
      The plan is to be made public in the next two weeks.
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      The line carries 31,000 people a day. It runs from Central Station through St. Laurent, the West Island and Laval and into the St. Eustache-Deux Montagnes area.
      [email protected]
      © The Gazette (Montreal) 2007
    • By swansongtoo
      Nouveau projet St. Jacques coin Versailles la ou ce trouve presentement un Provi Soir et nettoyeur sur le lot. Right on the edge of Ville Marie/Sud Ouest just north of Griffintown and in the shadow of the proposed CF project at the Bell Center.
      Pas certain si c'est approuver ou non la batisse sur la pencarte a envrion 4 etages. Google map for good view of the corner.
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      Under heavy renovation at the moment. They are adding new street-level locations despite 75% availability (only the SAQ remains) and the Stylexchange failure. Will they shake off the cockroach stigma?


      This next picture shows flooring being put on top of the old bagel place.

      New Taiwanese place where Grumman used to be