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    Picture in question: e010859823-v8.jpg


    From what I can determine, the church in the middle of the picture is the one at the corner of Saint-Jacques and Vinet in st henri, and the slope on the side is where the Ville-Marie highway is now. Based on the size of that church and its position, I say is between staint-jacques and notre-dame around Guy street.


    Things I hope you guys can help with, the church on the left, with the single steeple, where is/was it? The building on the right, in the background, with all the chimneys, what is it, it looks really familiar, I'm sure someone will recognize it.


    And finally, does anyone have a map of the rail lines in the general area around the turn of the century, there is a platform on the extreme right in the middle, and knowing where they were would help greatly.


    Thanks for the help in advance, I love trying to figure these old ones out.

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    That looks to be Saints-Martyrs Coréens in the distance. The picture is post 1904 then. Based on the angle, I am guessing it is on the CP lines and not the Grand Trunk lines. Thus probably making in part of the Windsor Street Depot, Donegani street wing.


    Here is a map 1898 http://services.banq.qc.ca/sdx/cep/pleinecran.xsp?eview=CARTES_PLANS/66812/66812_01.tif&id=0000066812&mention=


    So the church is most likely the Église Saint-Joseph http://patrimoine.ville.montreal.qc.ca/inventaire/fiche_bat.php?id_bat=9938-36-5801-01

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