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Tiens tiens..ça ne vous rappelle rien? :quebec:


Scotland warned it could lose the pound and be forced to join Euro as price of independence.


A spokesman for David Cameron said there were no guarantees that the Scots could keep sterling if they voted against remaining affiliated with the rest of the union.


Mr Cameron’s spokesman said: “Once you start asking the question about independence, one part of that is what currency to have. Would Scotland retain the pound, and if so, how does that work? Or does it join the euro? That’s one part of the independence question.”


Other issues which Downing Street said would need ironing out are shared defence capabilities, the national debt and border security.


A carve up of assets between England and Scotland could leave both countries facing years of legal wrangling.


Today Mr Cameron told MPs that he passionately believed in the United Kingdom and accused Scottish nationalists of attempting to delay a referendum on separation indefinitely.





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