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I started to work at this small company here in Montreal called "Dolbeau" we make ties, bow ties and pocket squares. Later on will be expanding to other products also. Plus all the ties are made here in Montreal, only thing not from here is the fabrics and those will mostly come from Europe or Japan.


Here is the previous ties..



The website not up yet, it should be up by November 15th. All I can say is, it will be an interesting experience for people looking to buy accessories. Plus the price point for the ties / bow ties might be around $100. There will be a pop-up store at Rooney in Old Montreal, coming up in a few months.


Also if you sign up to the company newsletter, you get $10 off.


Old Packaging (will be quite different most likely)...



Interesting thing about the packaging, you will get a card to show you how to tie a tie (just in case you forget). Plus you will get a small letter saying thank you for purchasing a product from Dolbeau (it will be signed probably by all 4 of us).



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Quand même étrange que vous n'ayez pas pensé avoir un site en français... Mais bon, ce ne sera pas la première fois...


I'll take to the guys tomorrow and see if they are thinking of doing it in other languages.

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La site fonctionne maintenant! Après presque 2 mois? Ça va prends du temps pour faire toute la site en français. Mais tu peux faire tes commende sur la site ou vient nous voir au bureau :)


Pour plus de info mon courriel au bureau c'est... jesse@dolbeau.ca. Tous les e-mail qui vais au shop@dolbeau.ca (en français) vas être redirigé vers mon inbox.

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