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Why isn't there a directory for all the judges in Quebec? There is a directory for Judges but on Wikipedia and it is for Judges from the 19th century. They hold a job that is paid by tax dollars. Those people should have their name posted online and with their work related email address. Same goes for all other public employees.


Why isn't there any transparency? I would love to see every penny of the tax dollars and where it goes. What is funny, even the politicians don't even put their email addresses online. It is so much fun, trying to find the proper inbox to send them a letter.



[update]: I so far found 14 judges that serve here in Montreal. That is a small number from the 89 - 101 judges.


Jean Charest

National Assembly (Only one I could find)

Liberal Party (I am not sure if it is the proper one)


Francois Legault

National Assembly (Found on Facebook)

Coalition (You will most likely get an email back from their info email address.)


Pauline Marois

National Assembly (Found on Facebook)

Parti Québécois (I am not sure if it is the proper one)

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Alberta is pretty nice. Email addresses and what I particularly like, right on the home page of any provincial ministry, is a listing of all the minister's expenses and an explanation of where it went. There's no crazy wheelchair-ladies running around Deadmonton buying $12 000 bottles of wine!


For example - http://www.transportation.alberta.ca


Compare with Quebec (e.g. http://www.mtq.gouv.qc.ca ) where you won't even find the name of the minister responsible, though I guess it makes sense since they change transport minister every 3 or 4 weeks :rotfl:

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