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I promised myself I would not ask for help about this publicly. I am now breaking that promise. I want to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend and I haven't had any luck yet. I am looking for a simple diamond ring on white gold. I am not looking for anything too expensive or eccentric. A solitaire ring is fine. I prefer if it's a conflict-free diamond (but then again, a lot of what you spend in the US is also used to finance wars, so I don't think there's much difference). My problem is that most jewelries I've been to have a really small selection of simple diamond rings. I'm not looking to design anything myself or to have a ring made specifically for me/my girlfriend. I just want to go to a place with a large enough selection for me to be able to compare and take a good decision in terms of looks and pricing. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks a lot.

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Congrats! When I bought my wife's diamond, I went to Cathcart street and selected the stone (They specialize in N.W.T. diamonds here in Canada) and bought the ring at a shopping mall jeweler (he placed the diamond). My wife wasn't picky at all so I was lucky in that regard. Pay attention to the 4 C's (cut, clarity, color and carat) Beleive it or not the size (Carat) is not that important. What is really important is the way light reflects off the diamond and into your eye. (Cut determines that). Just google 4 C diamonds and look it up.

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J'ai fait l'ascension du Mont Algonquin dimanche dernier (2e plus haut sommet de l'État de N-Y) et une fois au sommet, j'ai été, par hasard, sélectionné pour être le caméraman d'une demande en mariage. Si c'était toi, le monde est vraiment petit !


Sinon : félicitations !!!

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