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I'm looking for a flight to anywhere in Europe in mid august, any advice or tips?


Now thats a challenge. Only thing I can really say is, try finding a flight out of Montreal or Toronto or Halifax or even JFK and from there try and find what city is the cheapest to fly to in mid-August. Plus it is Europe, so it will probably be expensive. Plus there is Air Transat that has flights to Europe also, but probably wont get a deal with them. Plus some people are sometimes lucky finding last minute deals, I just checked Air Transat website and I could leave for Rome in 5 days for a 10 days or so and the flight is like $500.


I am surprised no website out there has an option of "Montreal" to "Europe" and it gives you your best options for quickest/cheapest flights.

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Thanks for the info. I also notice a like of websites like that, from general area to general area, for people like me, as long as I get to europe, I can move around no problem.



August 18th to August 28th - Montreal (YUL) to Paris direct flight (round trip) $766.


I am going to try and work on something...

Montreal - Europe

Montreal - Toronto or Halifax - Europe

Montreal - Toronto - Chicago or JFK or Newark or Atlanta - Europe

Burlington - JFK - Europe

Burlington - JFK - Chicago or Atlanta - Europe


There has to be a way to find a flight to Europe cheap all year round.

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United (multiple destinations)

March 10th - March 12th (YUL to SFO)

March 12th - March 19th (SFO to AUS)

March 19th (AUS to YUL)


$893.10 on Expedia. I think American Airlines was cheaper (but they don't support Aeroplan). Plus I even checked Jet Blue for the same cities and it was more expensive.

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