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Global Warming Effect on Canada


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Interesting stuff. I'm wondering if those temperature anomalies are for mean annual temperature. Increases of 5 or more degrees Celsius seem a little extreme to me, even for a 100 year period.

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Time for me to move to Ellesmere Island.


Since around 2005 or 2007. The Canadian government been working on (more like thinking of) building a highway from Churchill, MB to a small village Nunavut (Chesterfield Inlet). 2050 is going to be interesting thats for sure and if I do live up to 2100 (114 y.o) the world going to seem like a scary place. It is just crazy that they predict, that P.E.I going to go bye-bye. At least Canada should start building its arctic base this year and having it completed by 2016 :)




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Bon ça y est!


On déménage Montréal à Rouyn!


Mon seul soucis, est que les espèces végétales n'ont pas que besoin de température mais aussi de temps d’ensoleillement.


Il y a des plantes qui n'ont pas suffisamment de soleil pour une croissance respectable au dela d'une certaine latitude, température ou pas...


C'est pas le cas de toutes les plantes heureusement.

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Haha - That's great! I knew there was something a little off about a 12 degree increase! Nicely done.


My favorite was:


"In the Lower Mainland, rainfall experts have assessed a likely incremental increase in the annual rainfall from 320 days per annum to 322 days" :rotfl:

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