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Fayolle to open HQ in Montreal


The French privately owned Fayolle engineering, construction and environmental group said Tuesday it is setting up its North American headquarters in Montreal, where it has operated a Canadian unit since 2006.


"Through our new Montreal HQ we intend to become a major player in the architectural engineering field in Quebec and across Canada," said Hugues Fastrel, executive vice-president of Fayolle Canada. "Later, we will penetrate the North American market as a whole to continue our global expansion."


Fayolle Canada has 400 employees, half in Quebec, and annual revenue of $500 million. The 80-year-old parent company is owned by the Fayolle family of France. It plans to hire 50 more workers in Montreal over the next three years.


"Fayolle's decision to choose Montreal as a springboard for its North American and global development attests to the city's diverse industrial base, qualified workforce and competitive cost structure," said Jacques St-Laurent, CEO of Montreal International. the private-public partnership that works to develop Metropolitan Montreal's international status.



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You bet, c'qu'i faut, c'est d'attirer les compagnies européennes, pour que Montréal devienne plus évident comme pont entre l'europe et l'amérique. Faut pas oublier que la France, c'est très riche et diversifié, et qu'il faut repérer les entreprises susceptibles de s'implanter en amérique qui ne sont pas encore présentes.

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ce pont la n'a jamais existe et n'existera jamais.


sinon, c'est une bonne nouvelle certainement - et j'ai toujours dit que si montreal avait perdu sa place de metropole canadienne, elle n'avait rien a envier sur les autres grandes villes du continent pour une compagnie etrangere qui voudrait venir y etablir des assises nord americaine.

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