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Un projet de Concessionaire Auto sur Tashereau a Brossard qui sort un peu de l'ordinaire.


Assez spécial pour un dealer de char.


Le vidéo en vaut la chandelle.



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This easily beats the new Ferrari/Maserati dealership on Jean Talon.


My wish is for GM and Chrysler to renovate their dealerships to make them more competitive. Especially considering they closed a whole bunch of them!


Interesting article here: http://actualite.monteregieweb.com/Web/actualite/2011/1/11/679820/Images/HRes/516570.jpg


Particularily this part:

D’autres projets, dont une concession…Roll’s Royce


Les activités se poursuivront avec d’autres réalisations, allant de rénovations à l’acquisition de nouvelles franchises.


« Nous avons le projet de rénover la bâtisse située au coin de Des Prairies et du boul. Taschereau, pour en faire un centre de véhicules certifiés BMW, presque neufs, qui va ouvrir au mois de mars.


Puis, lorsque le Audi actuel déménagera au mois de juillet, on va revamper la concession pour en faire une concession Mini, franchise que nous avons acquise déjà mais qui est actuellement installée dans des locaux loués. À l’été, d’autres rénovations majeures sont prévues à notre autre concession BMW à Ste-Julie pour agrandir à la fois la salle de montre et les installations de services pour mieux servir la clientèle vu le succès de cette concession-là.


Enfin, en avril 2011, nous allons également ouvrir une concession Roll’s Royce à Montréal, qui sera la seule concession de cette marque dans l’est du Canada, » de conclure monsieur Hébert

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Groupe Park Avenue is particularly proud to announce the beginning of the construction of its new Audi dealership in Brossard. Located at the corner of Taschereau Boulevard, and Rivard street, near the current Park Avenue Audi dealership, the new showroom will be ready to welcome its customers in July, 2011. This Audi dealership is part of the Park Avenue Family which totals 11 outlets in Quebec.


The sod-turning ceremony took place on January 14, 2011 in the presence of Martin Sander, president and CEO of Audi Canada, and Norman Hebert, president of Groupe Park Avenue, both visibly excited to launch the first « Audi Terminal » in Canada. With the Groupe Park Avenue and Audi, the future is now!


This unique concept called « Audi Terminal » is based on an original design that combines clean dynamic curves and transparent lines for a perfect view from both inside and outside of the showroom of the models on display, as well as comfortable reception areas and service areas where visitors can witness Audi’s state-of-the-art technology at work. At « Audi Terminal », your vision of the automobile will never be the same!


At the new « Audi Terminal », there will be even more areas of service and hospitality to discover and experience. This future dealership from the Groupe Park Avenue represents a total investment of 9.5 million dollars and will directly contribute to the local economy by immediately providing 15 new jobs in the region.


This new automobile centre will cover 38,000 square feet and will include:

- A showroom with space for 12 vehicles

- 13 service bays

- 4 wash and detailing bays

- A reception area for 4 cars


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My wish is for GM and Chrysler to renovate their dealerships to make them more competitive. Especially considering they closed a whole bunch of them!


I know Chrysler has been pushing hard for that kind of "signature architecture" like has been done mostly by the Germans (VW, Audi, BMW etc), I know the Chrysler shops I pass routinely have redone their buildings to fit that style... Meanwhile GM seems to be pushing for "Mega GM" dealers, and I think both Parkway and that one in Ile-Perrot have renovated also.


I don't know if it is a good thing though, it kind of makes for a too homogenized setup and it costs the dealer owner big $$$ to change that, and it might compromise service.


Pourquoi appellent-ils l'édifice de ce concessionnaire un terminal. Tout d'abord ce n'est pas un mot français. Ensuite le mot en anglais signifie "gare" -aéroportuaire, ferroviaire ou routière. Ça n'a aucun sens !!


Gare routiere ou on gare les voitures haute de gamme :) Disons que "Audi Terminal" ca sonne bien en allemand...

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