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Police were on the lookout for a thief Sunday morning following a spectacular attempted heist of an automatic teller machine in Pointe aux Trembles.


The man rammed a stolen front-loader into a strip mall about 5:45 a.m. in an attempt to attach and then drag out the National Bank ATM in the mall at the corner of St. Jean Baptiste Blvd. and René Lévesque St., Montreal police Constable Olivier Lapointe said.


“He smashed the windows of the mall, but the vehicle was too big and it got stuck inside, damaging the roof and setting off the sprinkler system and causing flooding,” he said.


There was apparently nothing stolen, although the damage to property is expected to be in the thousands of dollars, Lapointe said.


He added that witnesses may have seen the man fleeing in a blue truck. Police were reviewing footage from security cameras to see if they could spot the thief.


(Courtesy of The Montreal Gazette)


I am just surprised no one tried this before. I know someone tried stealing one with their pick up truck a while back.

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I loved that one in the US where some guy tries to put the ATM into his pickup, but its too heavy. So he just pushes the ATM with his pickup all the way home, you see this on the security cam. Police just followed the big scratches in the road straight to his garage :rotfl:


Can't find the video so have this instead:



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