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Immeuble coin St-Laurent/Des Pins (2012)


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Un ami m'a dit que l'immeuble coin St Laurent/Av des Pins ---->>> 160ezqc.jpg serait restauré et reconstruit, quelqu'un à des réponses pour moi ? J'ai vraiment hâte qu'il soit rénové car, il est vraiment laid et il constitue une honte pour tous les citoyens du quartier.

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De plus, un ami m'a dit que l'immeuble coin St Laurent/Av des Pins ---->>> 160ezqc.jpg serait restauré et reconstruit, quelqu'un à des réponses pour moi ? J'ai vraiment hâte qu'il soit rénové car, il est vraiment laid et il constitue une honte pour tous les citoyens du quartier.


Si c'est le cas, le plus gros abris de pigeons à Montréal va disparaître.

Dommage pour ce sanctuaire d'oiseaux.

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Bonne affaire. Ça fait assez longtemps que ça niaise. Des gens comme ça qui se foutent éperdument de l'état de leurs biens (qui plus est patrimoniaux) doivent être rappelés à l'ordre! Ça fait un sacré boutte qu'à chaque fois que je passe par là, je suis frappé par l'horreur de l'effet que ça donne sur la rue. Une bâtisse avec un tbeau potentiel en plus!



Plateau injunction forces owner to restore building



MONTREAL - In what appears to be a first in the city, the Plateau Mont Royal borough has obtained a court injunction to require the owner of a boarded-up eyesore on the Main to fully restore it.


The building is a vestige of the Victorian era on St. Laurent Blvd., at the northwest corner of Pine Ave., that has served as a landmark in recent years because of its advanced state of disrepair and not because of its former splendour.


A Superior Court judge granted the borough a permanent injunction Wednesday to give the owner 300 days to fully restore the three-storey building's exterior to what was originally built between 1895 and 1900. The ruling provides a 14-point list of architectural details to be restored and prescribes everything from choosing appropriate colours to the type of brick and copper to be used.


"The state of that building has been sending a message to people who (pass it) that they should keep going," Plateau city councillor Alexander Norris said. "And yet it's a beautiful building that could anchor that corner and really help revitalize that whole area."


In October, municipal officials ordered emergency work to shore up the building's exterior walls. Five temporary steel braces, anchored into city sidewalks, had to be installed to stabilize the structure.


The Plateau borough has fined the owner, the estate of Penia Pressman, five times for increasing amounts ranging from $620 to $5,000 since 2008, Norris said. He added the borough made the decision to go to court after numerous inspections and discussions with the family.


However, representatives of the family didn't object to the injunction in the end, he noted.


"Something needed to be done, but we want to work in co-operation with (the owners)," Norris said. "We're glad that the owners didn't object and that they found our arguments persuasive."


A family member in Toronto said an architect has been hired and will apply for permits within weeks.


The plan is to restore the interior as well, Martin Pressman said. Still, he added, he was told that a city subsidy program that helps building owners restore their buildings doesn't have any money left.


"They have a program that doesn't have funds available," Pressman said.


"But we are going ahead with renovations."


The injunction is extreme but could serve as a useful tool in other cases of neglected buildings, Heritage Montreal policy director Dinu Bumbaru said, adding that he believes it's a first for the city.


The amount of detail in the injunction is surprising and perhaps unnecessary, he added.


"We'd rather have incentives and support for owners because that's where a lot of the effort is usually very fruitful," Bumbaru said.


"But sometimes you have to be ready to make a statement and say it's a public interest matter."


In 2002, the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada designated the Main a national historic site, he noted, "so there's a responsibility to the nation."


The injunction comes just days after Ville Marie borough gave in to pressure from residents and refused a request to demolish the Redpath Mansion and replace it with a seven-storey condominium building. However, with the owner's project now blocked, there's no alternative plan for the Queen Anne-style building, which has stood decaying on du Musée Ave. for 25 years.


The difference wasn't lost on Norris, whose Projet Montréal party has all of the seats on the Plateau borough council but sits in the opposition on Montreal city council.


"It's about the public authority taking its responsibility here and not doing so in Ville Marie," he said. In Ville Marie, Mayor Gérald Tremblay is borough mayor and his Union Montreal party has a majority.


"It's Mayor Tremblay's lax approach to ensuring that heritage buildings are properly maintained vs. a proactive approach that we're trying to take here," Norris said.






Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/Plateau+injunction+forces+owner+restore+building/4254425/story.html#ixzz1Df5vKKU4




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