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Actually ...I just saw The Mary Queen of the World cathedral all filled with black grafitti on facade marked ''Avortement un droit'' give me a f***ing break... touche pas les beautés de Montreal...Maybe next they will target construction sites damn thugs .

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Toss them in the cage. You would never see a religious person doing graffiti!


Maybe, but sometimes, they kill abortion doctors, do terrorist acts, start wars, plant bombs. I know it is not as bad as graffiti, but you have to admit that it is pretty bad...

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Well we are way passed that moment in time...Im not religious at all...It was not what I meant ...its about the respect of art and beauty, if you guys are bringing the middle ages into this, well what ever... anyways can we move away from this ...


and the griffiti was ugly and gross, if only it was nicer...was no Keith Haring ....And you think your clever too

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