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Canada's biggest infrastructure projects - Top 100

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Ils ont mis le CHUM en Ontario !


Il n'est pas en Ontario sur la carte, mais pour la province, c'est écrit Ontario.


A-30 shows up in Ontario also lol 23% of the projects are in Quebec and we have some of the most expensive ones also.

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I can't wait until the new 4-lane divided Highway 185 between Rivière-du-Loup and New Brunswick is finished. Anyone who has driven on that little two-lane highway knows what a pain it can be...


It's not even 4 lanes divided 185 - it's a real freeway ("Autoroute 85") right from the get go and on some new alignment in some cases. It's going to be sweet! You'll be able to drive from Halifax to Toronto (heck, Windsor) or Ottawa without ever stopping or leaving a freeway facility. Americans will still say "pfft I can go anywhere to anywhere like that" but for us it is special :)


A-30 shows up in Ontario


I was going to say the SE Stoney Trail project in Calgary is marked on the NE portion of the road :rotfl:

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